Pendangan Richard C. Martin, William A. Graham dan Earle H. Waugh dalam Approaches to Islam in Religious Studies

  • Fachrur Rozie Alumni UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta
Keywords: approaches, Islam, religious, studies.


Religion has an important role in the transformation of society. Instead, the dynamical situation and changes of the community determine the patterns of religious life of a society. Therefore, both the religion and society show how community development of par-excellence in religious life of the community have mutually influenced each other. Because the religious people living in the midst of community talk about the manifestation of religion same as the the people who talk about how the revelation of faith adherents of a religion, in terms of the relationship with God as well as the surrounding community. Therefore, the study of religion relates to the religious reflection of the experience a community along with their concrete sorrounding situations. Many researchers in the field of religion try to approach these questions in the framework of religious life of society that can be more clearly understood and observed as a part of the social-evolving society. This type of approach can be reached through the observations of the facts and values of the teachings in a religious community, which is commonly known as a sociological, theological or historical-empirical approach. On the basis of such broad understanding, Richard C. Martin has introduced a variety of approaches in the study of Phenomenology of religions. This is shown in his book Approaches to Islam in Religious Studies and some of his other articles or ideas.


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