Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope

The focus of the study from Santri: Journal of Pesantren and Fiqh Sosial is research and scientific studies on pesantren and fiqh sosial.

The scope of the pesantren includes:

  • PesantrenTradition's
  • Development Systems of Pesantren
  • Pesantren Values
  • Manuscripts Developing in the Pesantren
  • The study about Kiai and Santri
  • Pesantren's Relationship with the Community.

Whereas the study of fiqh sosial covers:

  • Fiqh Sosial Faces People's Problems
  • The Contextualization of Fiqh in the Fields of Life (Economy, Environment, Health, Culture, Technology, and Education)
  • The History of Fiqh Development
  • Fiqh Study Responding to the Changing Times.