Author Guidelines

JIOSE: Journal of Indonesian Sharia Economics invites academics and researchers to submit manuscripts of articles related to Sharia Economics. Please prepare your manuscript before submitting it, using the following guide and clicking this link to download the article template.

Manuscripts submitted for publication must follow the following guidelines:

  1. The article is the author's original work, not plagiarism, has not been published, and is not under review in other journals.
  2. Articles written in Indonesian, are also accepted in the official language of the United Nations.
  3. Articles should contain writing that contains 1. Introduction, 2. Research Methods, 3. Results and Discussion, 4. Conclusions, 5. Acknowledgments (if any) and List.
  4. Article length between 500 – 7,500 words including numbers, tables, and bibliography typed on A4 paper, Book Antiqua font, and 1.5 spacing.
  • The title is concise and clearly describes the research, no more than 15 words.
  • Author identity, affiliation, and email are written in full.
  • The abstract is written in Indonesian and English versions of no more than 200 words containing background, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions in 1 paragraph.
  • Keywords contain 3-5 words or phrases that reflect the content of the writing
  • The introduction consists of the background of the problem, a brief literature review, and the novelty of the research.
  • The research method describes how the research is carried out including sampling techniques, data collection, and analysis. There is no need to define an established method, unless you are using a new method that is not widely known to the public.
  • Results and Discussion contain the presentation of research findings and analysis or reasoning arguments related to the results found.
  • Conclusions are answers to research questions written briefly and clearly in a maximum of 2 (two) paragraphs.
  • Bibliography of at least 20 references with 60% being books or journals written in the last 5 years.
  • Writing a bibliography follows the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th style model and it is recommended to use Mendeley or Zotero.
  • Tables should be numbered in the order of presentation (Table 1, etc.). Table titles are written above the table with a center-justified position. The font size used is 11pt for both table titles and table contents.
  • Figures are numbered in the order of presentation (Fig. 1, etc.). The image title is placed below the image in the center position (center, justified. The font used in the image title is 11pt.
  1. An easy way to write articles is to write directly on the template.