Publicatin Ethic

Mu'ashir: Journal of Islamic Da'wah and Communication is a scientific journal that has been based on the Open Journal System (OJS) so that it can be accessed openly by anyone. Articles submitted are original works of research (not plagiarized), have not been published, and have not been submitted to other journals. Articles published in this journal are the result of a selection and editing process by a team of editors carried out in accordance with the provisions of the journal with consideration from a team of editors and reviewers. This scientific code of ethics statement is a statement of the code of ethics of all parties involved in the publication process of this scientific journal, namely managers, editors, bestary partners / reviewers, and authors / authors. This scientific publication code of ethics statement is based on the Head of LIPI Regulation Number 5 of 2014 concerning the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications, which in essence upholds three ethical values in publications :

  1. Neutrality, which is free from conflicts of interest in the management of publications;
  2. Fairness, which is giving authorship rights to those who are entitled as authors; and
  3. Honesty, which is free from duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism (DF2P) in publications.


Publication ethics in Mu'ashir: Journal of Islamic Da'wah and Communication according to Ristekbrin guidelines sourced from COPE