Peer Review Process

The review process of Mu'ashir Journal: Journal of Islamic Da'wah and Communication is conducted transparently and fairly regardless of ethnicity, gender, ethnicity, religion, or group. The review process includes :

  1. Articles submitted by authors are accepted by the editorial team for assessment regarding suitability for the scope and template of the journal.
  2. Articles that are deemed appropriate by the editor will be sent to the 2 (two) reviewers for content review using the double-blind review method.
  3. Reviewers will suggest improvements and/or acceptance/rejection of the article through the editor.
  4. If the article is accepted with improvements, the editor will send it back to the author to be corrected according to the reviewer's suggestions.
  5. The corrected results are sent back to the editor to determine whether the article is accepted or rejected.
  6. The editor's decision is final.