Peer-Review Process

Peer Review Process

The review process uses double-blind peer review. Process the review is conducted transparently and fairly regardless of ethnicity, gender, ethnicity, religion, or group. The submitted article is received by the editorial team for an assessment related to conformity with the journal template and then sent to the reviewer according to competence. The reviewer gives the manuscript that has been reviewed to the editorial team to be returned to the author if there is a revision. The writer revised the notes according to the reviewer then sent it back to the editorial team.

All research articles published in Al-I'timad: Jurnal Dakwah dan Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam undergo full peer review, key characteristics of which are listed below:

  • All research articles are reviewed by at least two suitably qualified experts.
  • All publication decisions are made by the journals’ Editors-in-Chief on the basis of the reviews provided
  • Members of the international Editorial Boards lend insight, advice, and guidance to the Editors-in-Chief generally and to assist decision making on specific submissions
  • Managing  Editors and  Editorial Assistants provide the administrative support that allows Al-I'timad: Jurnal Dakwah dan Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam to maintain the integrity of peer review while delivering rapid turnaround and maximum efficiency to authors, reviewers and editors alike.
  • Santri: Journal of Pesantren and Fiqh Sosial additionally benefit through the manuscript referral process from the high-quality peer review conducted by established journals.